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Beauty & Abilty, Confidence & Composure.

Welcome to Nopper Tollers!

Nopper's NSDTR Maverick

Our Toller Boy Maverick at 7 months old

Not Just a Pretty Face

Welcome to Nopper Permanently Register CKC Kennel where our commitment to Tollers is paramount.

In our opinion, Tollers are probably one of the best "all purpose" dogs. They are steadfast and loyal, intelligent and easily trainable, precious and playful, and while they are reserved with strangers once they know you, they are your friend for life! These dogs love nothing more than to play fetch or go for a walk with their people. While some have a lot to say, they all are great listeners and enjoy nothing more than just BEING with their people.

This is why we here at Nopper are committed to producing family friendly Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers which are joy to live with and live with for a long time. Dogs which enhance your happiness and bring joy to all those around them. This means Tollers which are equally happy in the field or on your couch. After all a Dog Is A Lifetime Commitment and a great Toller has to be able to adapt to you their family and not the other way around. This adaptably and flexibility of mind and body is the cornerstone of our breed program.

This is why we take breeding these wonderful dogs so seriously and are one hundred percent committed to not just adding to the breed but improving it. Our dogs are raw fed and minimally vaccinated. To ensure that we breed the best possible furbabies we do health testing including CERF, OFA and Optigen. We also do yearly blood work to check out thyroid levels and titer levels among other things. It is also why we carefully select the girls and boys we use in our breed program.

We hope you enjoy your visit here with us. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us by email or phone. We consider ourselves ambassadors and advocates for the breed and are always here to help educate anyone interested in learning more!

For more information on this wonderful breed click HERE for the CKC breed standard (in adobe pdf format, aprx 10k).