During the morning of Tuesday January 19th 2016, Candy whelped 10 happy & healthy puppies.

Proud - and very happy with himself - pappa is Dickens.

There are 7 boys and 3 girls.

If you are interested in purchasing a toller puppy, please read the top ten reasons NOT to get a Toller (click here), then read our Info page. If you still think you are a good match for a Nopper NSDTR puppy please read our non-breeding contract and if you agree then either phone or email us.

To download our non-breeding contract please click HERE.

If you want to reach us by email click HERE (tollers@nopperdogs.com) or HERE (nopper@ripnet.com)

To reach us by phone:

1 (613) 275-4127 or 1 (866) 887 8834 (ask for Keith or Debbie)

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"Our Favorite Things" - Week 2 (Video)
"Hello World" - Week 2 (Video)
"Walking Tall" - Week 2 (Video)
"World Is My Pillow" - Week 2 (Video)
Week 2 (Pictures)
Ms. Pink
Week 3 Miss Pink
Mr. Blue
Mr. Brick
Mr. Brown
Week 2 Mister Blue Mr Brick Week 2 Mr Brown Week 2
Mr. Green
Mr. Orange
Mr. Purple
Week 2 Mr Green Mr Orange Week 2 Mr Purple Week 2
Mr. White
Ms. Chrome
Ms. Mint
Week 2 Mr White Ms Chrome Week 2
Ms Mint Week 2
Outtake 1
Outtake 2
Outtake 2
NSDTR Puppy 'Pic of the Week' Week 2 NSDTR Puppy 'Pic of the Week 2' Week 2 NSDTR Puppy 'Pic of the Week 3' Week 2
"Sleeping Beauties" - 12 Days Old (Video)
"Milk Coma" - 10 Days Old (Video)
"Feeding Time" - 9 Days Old (Video)
"California Dreaming" - 1 Week Old (Video)
"Introduction" - 1 Week Old (Video)