Toller Basics:

The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever was developed in the Little River district of Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia around the beginning of the 19th Century.They were officially admitted to the Canadian Kennel Club in 1945, and was granted full recognition by the AKC in 2003.

It is one of the most unusual breeds of gundog, in that its job was to romp and play near the shoreline in full view of a flock of ducks, occasionally disappearing from sight and then quickly reappearing. The dog's crazy antics and fox like markings pique the curiosity of waterfowl, who swim into investigate. Thus luring or "tolling" the birds into gun range.

The charming, and hard-working Toller is a very gentle but highly active dog that love long walks and playing fetch. They love being with their people and many are vocal in showing their affection. When compared to other retrievers the NSDTR is a smaller more compact dog that have all the favorable characteristics of their larger brethren with very few of their faults. This makes for very “apartment friendly” dog.

In general they look a lot like a large fox with a thick and soft double coat. They usually only run 30 to 40lbs and can be anywhere from 17 to 21 inches tall. They tend to be reserved with strangers without being aggressive or overly shy. Overall, they are a stable but fun loving dog that is completely devoted to their family.



This is Maverick at 7 months old.

Our Tollers are raw fed and minimally vaccinated. We do health testing including CERF, OFA and Optigen. We also do yearly blood work to check out thyroid levels and titer levels among other things.

In our opinion, Tollers are probably one of the best "all purpose" dogs. They are steadfast and loyal, intelligent and easily trainable, precious and playful, and while they are reserved with strangers once they know you, they are your friend for life! These dogs love nothing more than to play fetch or go for a walk with their people. While some have a lot to say, they all are great listeners and enjoy nothing more than just BEING with their people.


For more information on this wonderful breed click HERE for the CKC breed standard (in adobe pdf format, aprx 10k).


For a quick overview of these wonderful dogs here is a nice page you might want to visit:

Does the escalating number of commerical pet food recalls worry you? It should! If you currently feed a commercial, manufactured food, please educate yourself as to what you are really feeding your family companion! Click HERE to donwload a .pdf document (aprx 80k) from the API.